Primorsko Holiday Club has its own licensed airport. Planes with maximum tonnage of 5.7 t and wing span up to 24 m can land on the airfield.

It is situated 6 km of the northwest part of the town of Primorsko and 8 km away from Primorsko Holiday Club in a beautiful countryside. It has a reception building, a hangar and a snack bar.

Attraction flights are performed over the airport, Primorsko and the countryside which is remarkable for its picturesque nature. It offers excellent opportunities for conduction of competitions in aero modeling and skydiving.

Planes that have landed can spend the night in a hangar or stand on the apron for an unlimited period of time. Planes can be refueled at the station on the airfield.

Technical information:

geographic coordinates  ARP: N 42° 15’ 48″ E 027 °42’ 06″

altitude – 4.3 m.

length of  runway  -  910 m  asphalt concrete

width of runway  -  30 m

taxiways – 61.7 m/10.8 m asphalt concrete

apron – 92 m /60 m

types of fuel – Avgas 100 LL, A 95 H

Control tower

Working hours: 30 min. after sunrise

                             30 min. before sunset

                             From Monday to Sunday

                             Between 1 November and 31 March after preliminary request 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight.

Telephone numbers: +359 550 32888; GSM +359 885 510 012